Guest License Agreement



FOR THE RENTAL OF THE PROPERTY (HEREINAFTER REFERRED TO AS THE PROPERTY). RESERVATION POLICIES For reservations made in advance of the total payment due date, a $250 initial credit card (kept on file) payment is required to reserve a property. This payment will be applied to your total, and is not a refundable deposit. Payment in full is due 60 days prior to the check in date. In no event shall Guest assign or sublet the Rental Property in whole, or in part. The reservation name, the credit card name, and the rental agreement signature must be the same. We will return any payments received from an account that does not match the reservation name.


TOTAL PAYMENT DUE DATE Full payment is due 60 days prior to check-in. If the reservation is created less than 60 days prior to check-in, full payment is due upon booking. Total payment includes the rent amount, fees, and taxes.


CANCELLATION POLICY AND FEES Cancellations must be made 60 or more days prior to your check-in date. Written (email) notice is required to cancel your reservation. Reservations cancelled 60 days or more prior to the check-in date will be eligible for a refund of monies paid, minus a $150.00 cancellation fee. Coastal View Vacations will not accept cancellation requests with fewer than 60 days prior to the check-in date. All payments will be forfeited if cancellation notice is received after the 60-day notice date. Coastal View Vacations reserves the right to rent the unit to a different group if your reservation is not paid in full by the payment due date. Cancellations occurring due to lack of total payment by due date will result in forfeiture of the initial payment plus any rent, taxes, and fees paid.


TRAVEL INSURANCE Coastal View Vacations strongly recommends the purchase of travel Insurance to protect your vacation investment. This travel insurance is intended to protect your vacation investment against mandatory hurricane evacuations, injury, sickness, pandemic, recent job loss, or death and other unforeseen covered circumstances which could cause cancellation of a confirmed reservation.


HURRICANE/WEATHER EVACUATION We will refund any unused portion of rent if the authorities issue a mandatory evacuation of the island. If you choose to leave due to “Storm Warnings” or “Voluntary Evacuation”, no refunds will be given. Coastal View Vacations will not issue refunds, in part or in full, for inclement weather. Our recommendation for travel during hurricane season is for you to research and purchase trip cancellation insurance.


DAMAGE WAIVER FEE:  A non-refundable damage waiver fee is included with your required for all reservations. The damage waiver fee relieves guests of the cost for accidental damage to the rental property and/or contents and covers up to $500.00.  The unintentional and/or accidental damage must be reported immediately to management.  Accidental damages beyond $500.00 will be charged to the guest using their credit card on file. This does not cover intentional damage, theft, unauthorized pets, smoking, exceeding occupancy limits, excessive cleaning charges, gross negligence or willful misconduct.


DAMAGES AND MISSING ITEMS Guests will be financially responsible for damage to the property. By signing this agreement, the Guest authorizes Coastal View Vacations, Inc. to charge the Guest’s credit card in the event of the following: damage or theft; flea infestation caused by a pet; unauthorized pets; extensive cleaning required at check-out; evidence of smoking (all properties are non-smoking); exceeding occupancy or parking limits, and any other violations of charges/policies in the Coastal View Vacations rental agreement. Prior to being charged, the Guest will be notified of any damage/costs in writing. Excessive damage may result in the Guest being charged for the relocation or compensation to incoming guest if check-in is delayed as a result of said damage. Any material damage to the Rental Property will be charged immediately to the Guest’s credit card. Guest, in signing below, assumes full responsibility for any items damaged due to misuse or negligence and for any items found to be missing. The Guest is responsible for notifying Coastal View Vacations upon check-in if the Rental Property is found in less than good condition or any damage (other than normal wear and tear) is noted. If damage occurs during your stay, please notify us immediately.


REFUNDS The Rental Agreement is a legally binding agreement between the Guest, Coastal View Vacations, Inc. and the Property Owner. Your reservation and signed Rental Agreement bind you to a specific property for a specific period of time. There should be no expectation of refunds or relocation because you are disappointed with the property you have rented or in the event that something associated with the property is not working to your satisfaction. All properties are privately owned and furnished per the owners’ requirements, so unlike a hotel, we cannot relocate you without specific authorization from the Property Owner. In the event that a problem arises during your stay, we will make every attempt to solve it in a timely manner. There will be no refunds for mechanical failure of appliances, a/c units, etc.


INDEMNIFICATION The Guest agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Agent and Owner for any damages to or loss from the rental house, grounds, furnishings, appliances, household items and any other of the Owner’s property resulting during the Guest’s rental term, normal wear and tear excluded. The Guest further agrees to indemnify and hold the Owner and the Rental Agent (Coastal View Vacations, Inc.) harmless from any claim or liability for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from, related to or in connection with the rental of this rental property, including but not limited to any claim for personal injury or damage or loss of property which is made, incurred or sustained by the Guest or other occupants or invitees of Guest. Neither the Owner nor the Agent is responsible for any of the Guest’s or other occupant(s) valuables, cash or other property during the rental term or thereafter left at the rental house.


IMPORTANT Absolutely no overcrowding events. Properties are stocked according to their maximum occupancy. Guest agrees not to exceed maximum occupancy for Property. Guests shall respect and not interfere with the rights, comfort or convenience of adjacent homeowners or occupants. If Guests violate any of the terms of this agreement, a Coastal View Vacation agent may, at his or her sole discretion, evict Guests and occupants of the property with no refund. Additionally, if evicted, Guest’s credit card will be charged a $250 eviction fee. Coastal View Vacations reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. All rental properties are leased without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap or sexual orientation. No illegal substances are permitted on the property at any time. Underage drinking is strictly prohibited and may result in eviction without refund. Quiet time – the noise curfew is 10PM in all residential areas and all guests are expected to comply.


ITEMS LEFT BEHIND Should you leave anything behind, we will be happy to mail it to you with a Coastal View Vacations service charge of $25 plus postage, which will be charged to your credit card on file.


NON-SMOKING PROPERTY All Coastal View Vacation properties are non-smoking properties. Smoking of any kind is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to cigarettes, cigars, pipes, vaping devices, e-cigarettes and marijuana. Smoking in any property is a serious breach of contract and will result in additional charges and possible eviction. In signing, guest agrees to a minimum $250 charge if evidence of smoking is discovered. The process of eliminating smoke odor (ozonation, cleaning of furniture, drapes, bedding etc..) can become very costly. If you smoke, you will be charged.


CHECK-IN Check-in time begins at 4:00 PM CST. Coastal View Vacations will make every attempt to have your property ready for check in at 4:00 PM CST. We cannot guarantee this time, however, as sometimes, there are situations which occur beyond our control. There will be no early check-ins during peak months. Check-in instructions and details will be sent to you upon receipt of final payment.


CHECK-OUT Check-out by 10:00 AM CST. To avoid additional charges, please abide by our check out time and procedures. Cleaners have limited time to prepare properties for the next guests. If Guests stay past the check-out time and interfere with cleaners coming to prepare for the next guests, Guest will be billed for an additional day. Check-out instructions and details will be sent to Guest upon receipt of final payment.


INABILITY TO DELIVER PROPERTY In the event that the owner of the Property (hereinafter Owner) is unable to deliver the Property to the Guest because of fire, eminent domain, act of nature or delay in construction, Guest hereby agrees that Agent’s and Owner’s sole liability as a result of these conditions is a full refund of all consideration previously tendered by Guest. If at the time Guest is to begin occupancy of the Property, Agent cannot provide the Property in a fit and habitable condition or substitute a reasonable comparable property in such condition, Agent shall refund to Guest all payments made by Guest. Agent reserves the right to substitute comparable accommodations if circumstances require. Pursuant to the terms of this Agreement, Guest expressly acknowledges that in no event shall Agent or Owner be held liable for any consequential or secondary damages, including but not limited to, any expenses incurred as a result of moving for any damage, destruction or loss.


PARKING Parking varies by property, and payment for parking passes, if required, has been included in your rental charges. Lighthouse properties require the purchase of parking passes on arrival. In general, beach houses do not require parking passes


USE OF PROPERTY Guest shall keep the Property as clean and as safe as the conditions of the Property permit, causing no unsafe or unsanitary conditions in the common areas or remainder of the Property that Guest or its invitees uses. Guest agrees not to use the Property or permit the Property to be used for any illegal or unlawful activity or purpose.


APPLIANCES/EQUIPMENT Coastal View Vacations makes every effort to ensure all appliances and equipment are in working order. If you experience a problem during business hours, please call the guest service number and we will make every effort to resolve the issue in a timely manner. If you experience a non-emergency problem after hours, please call the following morning. In the case of an emergency (loss of heat or air, fire or flooding) please contact our 24-hour emergency number. There are no rebates or refunds issued to guests for any reason as every good faith effort is made to ensure the Property is maintained to the highest standards. Refer to property listing for information on items included with the Property.


TV, CABLE OR INTERNET Please be aware that internet and cable are third party providers contracted through the owner. Due to the geographic location and number of guests on the island, the internet connection can be intermittent. While all properties do have internet and cable, from time to time, connectivity can be spotty and we advise you to have a back-up plan, such as a mobile hotspot, if you absolutely must rely on the internet while on your vacation. This is an island-wide issue and Coastal View Vacations is not responsible for any internet or cable outages.


LINENS/TOWELS Blankets and pillows vary by property as each property is individually owned and furnished at the homeowner’s discretion. No contents of the Property, including linens, blankets or towels, shall be taken to the pool or beach. Coastal View Vacations stocks and inventories all linens prior to guest arrival and upon departure. Should linens be missing or damaged, Guest’s credit card will be billed a minimum of $50.


LOCKED AREAS Areas for which Guest is not provided a key, such as Owners’ personal storage areas, are exempt from this Agreement and are off limits to Guest. Forced entry into these locked areas is cause for immediate eviction and Guest will be charged for damage and/or missing items as well as a $250 eviction fee.


GRILLING Fire department regulations prohibit the use of grills on all decks, porches, and balconies. Some properties have areas for grilling. Refer to property listing. The use of outdoor fish deep fryers is prohibited at all properties. Guests will be held responsible for any damage caused by outdoor cooking devices.


GARBAGE REMOVAL It is the Guest’s responsibility to take the garbage out on designated days. Garbage is picked up twice a week. In some locations depending on the time of year, it is picked up three times. Please refer to the information in the property for designated times. Please place all garbage in outside collection bins upon departure. Excessive accumulation of trash that does not fit in bins on check-out day will result in an additional charge for garbage disposal.


ENTRY TO PROPERTY Guest agrees that Agent, Owner or their respective representatives may enter the Property during reasonable hours to inspect the Property, and to make such repairs, alterations, or improvements thereto, as Agent or Owner may deem appropriate, or to show the Property to prospective purchasers or guests.


SURRENDER OF PROPERTY Prior to vacating the Property, Guest shall perform the following: All dishes cleaned, dry and placed in the cabinets. All trash removed from the Property and placed in outside receptacle. All doors and windows closed and locked. All keys returned to the lockbox by check-out time, if applicable. Any damage should be reported to Coastal View Vacations. If Property is not left in good condition, excessive cleaning charges will apply and in signing, Guest agrees that credit card may be charged if extra charges are incurred.


RULES AND REGULATIONS Guest shall abide by all rules, restrictions and regulations that may now, or hereafter, apply, including, but not limited to the provisions of any condominium or homeowners declaration, bylaws, and/or rules and regulations, if applicable.


PET POLICY Well-mannered, house trained dogs are welcome at many of our properties. We do not accept other types of pets, and there is a size limit for some of our properties. A $100 nonrefundable pet fee is required per dog, limit 2. If you are bringing your dog, please review our Pet Policies:


• Dogs are not allowed on the furniture or beds — if any evidence of such is found after check- out, guest will be responsible for all laundering and cleaning charges.


• Please clean up dog “poo” in the yards or on the beach or other public areas • Crates: if you normally crate your dog at home, we ask that you crate him/her here as well.


• Please do not leave the dog(s) outside in the yard unattended.


• Flea and tick protection - fleas are here in full force. Please be sure your animals are current on their flea protection medicine.


• Please abide by beach rules about where dogs are allowed. No dogs at all on West Beach in Gulf Shores or Orange Beach. Dogs ARE allowed on the beach in Fort Morgan.


• Dogs are not allowed in pools or pool enclosures.


• Excessive barking, that results in complaints from neighbors, could result in immediate eviction. Please control your dog’s behavior at all times.


• Bringing pets into NON-pet friendly properties is a serious health violation for our home owners and future guests and is strictly prohibited. In signing, you agree that if you violate this rule, you risk eviction and will be fined a minimum of $350 per pet as well as any additional costs incurred to eradicate pet allergens from the property. This fine and any additional charges will be billed to the credit card on file. It is also prohibited to bring a non-reported or unauthorized animal into any pet friendly or non-pet friendly property. In signing, you agree that if you violate this rule, you risk eviction and will be fined a minimum of $350 per pet as well as any additional costs to clean up after your pet(s). These charges will be billed to the credit card on file.


RELEASE OF LIABILITY Neither Agent nor Owner will be responsible for accidents or injury to Guest, any members of its party or any invitees to the Property or for the loss of money or valuables. Guest is expressly responsible for the safety of him/herself and any members of his party and any invitees to the Property. In using or permitting to be used the Property and the recreational or other facilities associated with or a part of the Property, Guest and Guest’s party specifically waive any and all liability claim, expressed or implied, against Agent, Owner, and any condominium or homeowners association, if applicable.


WAIVER OF JURY TRIAL GUEST HEREBY KNOWINGLY, VOLUNTARILY, AND INTENTIONALLY WAIVES ANY RIGHT GUEST MAY HAVE TO A TRIAL BY JURY WITH RESPECT TO ANY LITIGATION ARISING OUT OF, UNDER, OR IN CONNECTION WITH THIS AGREEMENT. GUEST ACKNOWLEDGES THAT AGENT HAS BEEN INDUCED TO ENTER INTO THIS AGREEMENT BY THE PROVISIONS OF THIS PARAGRAPH. In the event of breach of this Agreement by Lessee, Guest will be liable for all damages occasioned by said breach PLUS reasonable attorney’s fees and costs of court. Additionally, Guest agrees that credit card on file may be charged if charges are incurred for damage, theft or violations of contract.


Please list all occupants with names and ages on the lines provided below